Brochure Copy

The essential brochure

Sure, web-based marketing is ubiquitous. But, at a certain point in your sales process you need to make a tangible connection to your potential customers. Something they can hold in their hands and study at their leisure.

You need a brochure.

Why brochures are special

Like an ad, a brochure can attract attention and build your brand. Unlike an ad, a brochure has space for copy to explain in detail the benefits of your product or service. So, your potential customers get all the information they need to make a purchase decision in your favor.

Like a website, a brochure can deliver lots of information. Unlike a website, a brochure is always accessible offline. It tends to be retained for reference. And, a brochure controls how your information unfolds – there's no navigation bar to short-cut (and short-change) your sales pitch.

Need a quick cost estimate?

My online rate sheet has my typical price ranges for the most-common brochure writing projects.